Reopen closed lead based on HubSpot form being filled in again


Hi we have contacts filling in forms and being synced into Salesforce. How can i reopen SF leads if they were disqualified in the past?


Hi jonny -
Wondering if you were able to figure this out?


No, i still need some help :frowning:


Hi @Jonny_Katz,

How are these leads being disqualified? If they’re disqualified based on a property synced between Salesforce and HubSpot, you could update this property in HubSpot when a contact submits a form, which would sync back over to Salesforce.


The salesperson disqualifies the leads.


Hi @Jonny_Katz,

I’m sorry I wasn’t entirely clear. When a lead is disqualified, is the lead status field changed? Or is there some other mechanism? If disqualifying a lead means updating a field, then that same field could be updated by the Salesforce-HubSpot connector when a form is submitted.


the salesperson manually changes the lead or opp stage to lost or disqualified. Are you suggesting we add a hidden field in the form that changes the lead status or opp stage?


Hi @Jonny_Katz,

Yes, that’s one direction I was headed with my line of questioning. If submitting any HubSpot form should reopen a lead, you could include the lead stage as a hidden field in the forms. If you have access to workflows, you could also create a workflow that updates contacts who have submitted a form.