Reporting on Sequence Performance


Our sales team is using Sequences extensively, but there is no way to report on either rep performance or sequence performance across reps.

I searched the API documentation and could not find (or figure out) how pull how many contacts or companies were enrolled in each segment of a sequence or the outcome of the sequences.


@Andrew_M With the reporting add-on you can build out reports to track rep performance. You can track a number of different things to compare and contrast their activity and performance. As for sequences you can see in the performance who was enrolled in the sequence and the outcome of it. If they were unenrolled then that means responded to the email and the sequence ended. Here is a screen shot of the performance screen with a couple examples.


The image shown is not reporting. This is the edit screen and shows a list of who is enrolled. It is also where our team creates and edits sequences. That might work for 10-20 contacts, but we have hundreds of emails and sequences going on per rep and will not work for us.

We are having to scrape everything into excel and manually work with our reps to figure it out. I talked with 2 people at Inbound, posted to Ideas, and now I am on developers trying to figure out a way to use sequences so it wont take us a week at the end of each month to report on sequences.

What we need is reporting in the reporting tool or via the API, similar to the workflows, forms, and emails (marketing).

We can report on ‘sent sales email’ but not the sequence. So, we have no way of reporting on how the sequences are performing.

Also, there is no way to trigger a workflow based on a specific sequence, so we have no way of knowing where people came from.


Hey Guys,

We do have the same issue. We heavily use sequences and we would like to pull the sequence names/id, their connection to contacts they were assigned to and their outcome preferably through the Hubspot API to analyze their performance. This would enable us to do some sequence testing and increase sequence performance. However, I am unable to find these data points within your APIs. Any help here would be highly valued.


Try Data Miner Chrome Extension. Worked for me.

I still have to run a script every time I pull up a sequence list. But it will extract data from each page and auto navigate to the next page and extract the info.