Reporting - Rolling Date Range


I’m trying to create a dashboard that will show me deals in progress on a rolling ‘close dates’ 3 month/90 period - has anyone created anything that might be suitable for this?

Many thanks!


@Ying, did you manage to do this?


Hi @Danny_Larsen - you can do last 7/14/30/60/90/365 days, but nothing customisable. You can't do a rolling date range from a date field, e.g. seven days after close date.

Are you trying to build something specific?


@Ying Yeah. I am trying to do it in a list, so I can possibly use it in the live chat/messages to send messages to trials almost running out.


Unfortunately I don't think they've included this function yet as standard, which is a little annoying @Danny_Larsen but I would also recommend calling the support desk to double check this is correct!