Reports on specific call outcomes



I’m new to Hubspot CRM, hello everybody!
I have a team of 10 salesmen who use a homemade CRM for the moment and we’re doing the transition to HS CRM now.
In our former CRM, we use a predefined list of call outcomes that help us monitor the quality of the leads we call and our phone activities (for example, #unreachable if a lead has be called 3 times without being reached, #fake_number if a lead has a wrong phone number, #no_answer if a lead does not answer etc.).

I understand that you can register phone calls with Hubspot CRM but how can I build a report with my call outcomes hashtags? If I want to know how many fake/wrong numbers if have in a sample of 100 leads, it would be useful to have access to this information.
Is there any way to achieve this? I thought of logging a call with the word #fake_number in the comment section, but I won’t manage to build a report that integrates this hashtag in it.

Many thanks in advance for your help


Hi @philippewagner

Is this something that you can log at the contact record level or does each call needs this tagged separately? If you can log this at the contact level, you can create a custom property with those predefined options.

If you need to log this for each call, it would be possible to add notes to calls made with the HubSpot CRM, but we don’t currently have a way to report on the notes from calls, though we are working on APIs to get data for engagements (calls are stored as engagements). Once those new APIs launch it would be possible to get the data from engagements using the API, and that data could be used to report on this.


Hey @dadams, can you let me know when it will be possible to get the call outcome data via the engagements api? This is functionality I need at my company.


We ( have been asked to pull a report of “call outcomes” from several of our mutual agency partners. Do you plan to provide an API for this?