Reproducing dashboard via API


I have been asked by our Hubspot team to reproduce some elements of their dashboards on some digital displays.

Specifically they would like to see…

Landing page performance
Top Landing Pages
Top Blog Posts
Deal Pipelines

I have managed to recreate the deal pipeline dashboard displays via the API but can’t really see a way to get any of the metrics for the others.

Can anyone confirm its not possible or point me in the general direction of where this info can be got via the API?



@arcaic At the moment we do not have a reporting/analytics API where you can pull all of that information.


Oh, Ok.

A reporting API would be a nice feature to allow us to pull metrics for inclusion in other methods of presentation like digital displays. I’m sure there is a wide range of use cases.

Thanks for the reply.



I would also like to add my request for a reporting API. I’ve been tasked with capturing data such as the number of views for landing pages, blog posts, etc., as well as the number of social media followers. Is there anywhere in the current API that allows access to performance reporting like this?

Landing Page Submissions

@Linden No not at the moment. Please feel free to add your idea to our ideas page. This will help our Product team decide what to bake in next to the proudct.


Hey guys,

Any updates on when landing page performance metrics OR sessions level metrics will be added into the API etc?


We regularly use Power BI to create dashboards with HubSpot data. These dashboards are highly flexible and powerful, and can present data from multiple sources. Rather than try to get a HubSpot API for Reports, it is easy to use the existing HubSpot APIs to pull HubSpot data and build much better reports in Power BI. (Disclaimer: My firm, Bayard Bradford, is a HubSpot certified agency partner and offers a HubSpot integration for Power BI as a service.)


Look here for more on our API connector for HubSpot to Power BI. It is also listed on the HubSpot integrations directory.