Request for Engagements Type Filter in API




We have a request for a new parameter to be added on the Engagements API resource that allows us to choose the ‘TYPE’ of engagement that we want to pull from the API, e.g. Task, Meeting, Email etc.

We currently are paginating all data, which is costly on the HubSpot server, and in the client’s time. In one particular case the JSON file exceeds 3MB and the wait time is around 1 minute, because the user has hundreds of emails (type: EMAIL), and we are just trying to grab the tasks. We have to download all engagements and then filter our end which is very costly and slow.

A simple parameter to specify what type of engagement would be very helpful indeed and would make our integration with HubSpot killer.

Please see to view our integration and see the problem for yourselves (you will need to create a free account first).

Thank you!



Hi @hourstack,

I can totally see the use case here; I’d be happy to pass it along internally. If you have the inclination, I’d recommend visiting the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see.


Thanks—yeah I tried to submit there too but the form didn’t work, it just refreshed when I clicked submit and didn’t submit anything. Please pass it along, I think it shouldn’t be too much trouble to create this. The best way might be to just offer another resource, much like you have with /recent/modified, but you could offer /recent/modified/type/task or /type/email etc.


Hi @hourstack,

That’s odd; was this what you were trying to submit?


Yes, it was that form. I’ll try again.


Ok it works now, please upvote if you like this idea! :slight_smile: