Required Form Fields Being Ignored When Submitting Form



We’ve been running into an issue where people are submitting our forms without putting in any information. These are forms on pages hosted on HubSpot, so there shouldn’t be any data lost in translation. I’ve talked to HubSpot support and all they are telling me is that it is probably some JavaScript on the page that is interfering with the form submission.

Here is a link to a preview page with the form on it. The form in question is the Graduate Programs Open House form, the first one on the page. Has any experienced this issue before where people could submit a form without filling out any of the required fields?

Thanks for any insight!


Hi @Patrick_Eng,

Form validation is done via the form embed code, so triggering a form submission via another script/action will bypass the required field validation. I dug into the custom JavaScript for that page, but I wasn’t able to find a ‘smoking gun’ script that was triggering to submission. Can you give some context as to how the form is actually being submitted and, if it’s being submitted by a separate script/action, update the code to allow the form to submit normally?

Additionally, you might want to consider creating your own custom form and submitting via the forms API if you need a high level of customization/control over the form:


Hey @Derek_Gervais,

We’re not using any custom JS for the page when it comes to form validation/submission. It is just a regular HubSpot form. The main function for the JS on this page is to just flip the form over when people click the cta. We don’t need a high level of customization over the form we don’t need to use the Forms API since its a HubSpot form on a HubSpot page. I don’t know if that helps, but it also doesn’t make any sense why this is happening in the first place.

I’ve talked to our developers and they did not use any custom JS when it comes to form submission. It’s all being handled by HubSpot. I might just replace the form with a new one with the same fields, just to see if that works. I doubt it will, but since no one really knows why this is happening, it probably wouldn’t hurt.