Resend email from customize button click in form



Is it possible to create a new button just like submit button and trigger it to resend the notification/verification email?


Hi @ruanngabriel, can you provide more context and a link to a page you're working on? What type of notification or verification email are you talking about? You could conceivably use Events if you have an Enterprise subscription that places customers in a Workflow that sends an email when they click a button. Or you could use a CTA and do the same thing, but is the email that gets sent a custom email that you've created, or a system email?


Hi @Connor_Barley

Thanks for your answer.

I'm trying to add a new button in the form using JavaScript that the user will click if they want to resend the verification email of the sign in form, or do you have any alternative way to add a new button that will see and use in the workflow to fire a trigger to resend the verification email?


Hi @ruanngabriel, that functionality would only work with Enterprise Events, so there is no JS solution to trigger an email based off of a clicked button if you do not have a Marketing Enterprise subscription. A solution that might work is you can create another form that they can enter their email into, which would then enroll them into a workflow that sends off the verification email.