Response deserialization error in CRM Extension Object



Hi There

I am trying to integrate Hubspot CRM extension for the Contacts. But when I tried with basic example it throws an error - Response deserialization error

Response from Fetch URL

"results": {
"objectId": 97576,
"title": "test extension",
"link": "",
"created": "2016-09-15",
"priority": "HIGH",
"project": "API",
"description": "Customer reported that the APIs are just running too fast. This is causing a problem in that they're so happy.",
"reporter_type": "Account Manager",
"status": "In Progress",
"ticket_type": "Bug",
"updated": "2016-09-28",
"actions": {
"type": "IFRAME",
"width": 890,
"height": 748,
"uri": "",
"label": "Edit",
"associatedObjectProperties": [ ],
"settingsAction": {
"type": "IFRAME",
"width": 890,
"height": 748,
"uri": "somethingdotcom",
"label": "Settings"
"primaryAction": {
"type": "IFRAME",
"width": 890,
"height": 748,
"uri": "somethingdotcom",
"label": "Create Ticket"

Can anyone please help me to fix this issue?



Hi @Kongo_Testing, if you're just using the example code, that won't work out of the box without a live URL with data being served. We're working on something where you could do this out of the box, but that is still in planning. The reason this won't work is because you'd need a URI to return JSON back to you each time the CRM sidecard is loaded. If there's no live URL serving the information that should be requested by HubSpot, then no information will appear. Do you have a live URL where this is being served, such as Heroku? If so, please reply here with your App ID so I can take a closer look at your setup.

As per this thread: Response deserialization error on CRM Extension, it looks like the issue was to do with the NULL values. If you have an Object Type defined, it requires you to provide either a valid value, no value at all, or pass an empty string (if the field expects a string).