Restful service for CTA (Call to Action) from Hubspot based on personalization parameter


We are looking for a way to pull a CTA’s from Hubspot using restful service (json data) based on some personalization input payload (example: location, date, visit).

As verified in the “”, We didn’t found api for retrieving CTA.

At the moment it’s insert the embed code into the site. Would be great/our requirement, we need manage this via the API.

Kindly check and do the needful.


@rangasam There isn’t an API to pull a CTA. You can always wrap the embed code in logic for whether or not it would load instead of making a CORS request to an API. You could also make a Smart CTA that could show different CTAs depending on their location/date/visit as you mentioned above.


The bigger question is how do we use Smart CTA in a responsive world. We only seem to have the ability to change an image and a url that would work if this image was clicked. Is there a way to instead have the smart CTA instead of just replacing the image source and target of an A tag replace the entire contents of the the span/div that is created with the resulting content based on the decision.


@jason.franklin Not on a page external to HubSpot. If HubSpot is hosting the page you can swap out entire blocks of test/images/etc. based on different data points and so on.