Retail crm needs - Contact association to understand family relationship



We are trying to figure out the best way to architect our contact and company structure to accommodate our crm needs.

We plan to use Hubspot for both b2b wholesale and b2c retail. B2b is straightforward in that we have companies and then contacts within those companies.

However on the retail side we have individual contacts that have connections to each other. For example families. We need to be able to look up a person and see the people that are connected to that person. Husband of wife , mother of daughter, etc.

One idea was to create fake companies with the family name to be able to achieve this, but that doesn’t seem like the best approach.

Wondering if anyone has any advice.

We are also integrating with our internal ERP, so we need to make sure that whatever approach we come up with can be supported through an integration via the API and (vs manually managing within the Hubspot interface )

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @ckwiat,

Right now, there isn’t any built-in contact-to-contact association that would support family connections. You could potentially create family ‘companies’, but that would prevent those contacts from ever being associated with an actual company, and all contacts would have to be associated manually. You might consider creating a family ‘deal’ that you associate with all members of a given family. You could also use custom contact properties to track family relationships.

The API implementation depends heavily on the method you end up going with. I’d be happy to dig into the details once you have a better idea for how you want to track family relationships.