Retrieving sources report data via HubSpot API



We’re looking to automate some marketing KPI reporting on our own end.

What we’re mainly interested in currently are the sources report and conversions. I cannot seem to find a way how to dig the numbers used in sources reports (visits > contacts > customers by source). Internally the reports page uses endpoint, which to my understanding is not made publicly available.

For conversions we’d like to get a breakdown between paid and organic sources. The figures we’d need are amount of conversions and conversion rate.

Is there any way to programmatically fetch these using HubSpot API?


Hi @JaakkoL,

Right now that information is not available via the public API. If/When we release it, this forum is the best place to get that update.



Hi @zwolfson ,

Thanks for the quick response.

Is there a way to get to the numbers then through the public API? I see that at least DataBox ( is offering the same numbers as in the sources report via their integration. Or does that access require a special partnership with HubSpot?