Retrive form submission data i hubl module


i have a form on submission it redirects to thank you page where i have submissionGuid
now i want to retrieve form data in a hubl module in thank you template
how can i do that bellow is the thankyou page url along with submissionGuid



Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, are you trying to include form submission information dynamically on the thank you page? It’s not possible to do this using HubL since the redirect & page load occurs before HubSpot has time to process the form submission and create the contact record. This is the same reason you can’t use smart content on thank you pages (see below).

You could instead take form fields and append them to the redirect URL as query parameters, and then access them on the thank you page. Some workarounds have been discussed in other forum topics:


how can i send and retrieve hidden veriables on thank you page
while it is carrying only the submissionGuid