Return on investment survey on landing page with email feedback



I’m trying to implement a return on investment kind of calculator which asks 10 yes/no questions before calculating a % score on how well you are doing (in this case there are 3 possible groups you could fall into) and gives advice for questions that were answered with No.

The outcome of the survey should be send in an e-mail message which is build up depending on the answers from the form. The workflow tool unfortunately does not support the functionality I need to create the automated messages.

I am wondering if there are any thoughts on how to do this in the community?

The best idea I could come up with is using the API to provide a workflow with the message it should send based on the submitted form. The Email would consist of building blocks which are added as elements to the email.

Kind regards,
Wibo Pipping


Hello, i´m just finishing almost the same . it´s a 10 questions with scoring per question and per answer.

I have use:

1.- Typeform pro account to create the questions and the survey.
2.- Zapier.- To connect with typeform and send information to hubspot.
3.- A workflows that gives points based in answers in hubspot.
4.- An Email template that takes all the information and is send it to client.

Does it help?