Return Only Properties stored inside of a list


Contact List/Contact API

My end user maintains a list.
This list contains a subset of properties which we need to return for a specific manual workflow.
I have been tasked with creating an app to return the recent contacts from this list with only those specific properties. (The returned properties will not be static. Properties can be added and removed by the end user.)
When I run the service described here:
I only return three or four of the properties being stored in the list
Property &property=X - Used in the request URL If you include the “property” parameter, then the properties in the “contact” object in the returned data will only include the property or properties that you request.
The above entry would lead me to believe all of the properties would be returned unless explicitly listed.
In other posts I found the following:
“Thanks for the clarification. There isn’t a single endpoint which will give you a single object with all relevant contact properties. What you’d need to do is :

  1. Get the ID of the list in question from one of the GET endpoints within the Contact Lists API, such as ‘Get dynamic contact lists2’
  2. Get the list of contacts from the ‘Get contacts in a list’ endpoint
  3. Call the ‘Get group of contacts by ID1’ endpoint, feeding in the VIDs of the relevant contacts as URL parameters (&vid=xxx&vid=xxx…). You’re also able to stipulate which properties the returned object will contain (&property=x&property=y…), bearing in mind that there will be some default properties regardless of the properties included in the call. Up to 100 contacts can be returned at a time using this endpoint
  4. At the end of each request to the batch contacts API, add the returned contact objects to your main ‘list’ object
    I hope this is of assistance. Let me know if you encounter any issues.”

The workflow would be to use the aforementioned service to return the recent contact’s vids. Then use the contacts service to return all of the properties tied to that contact.

The problem is each contact has quite a few unnecessary properties. How do I limit the property values to only what is being selected by the end user in the list? Is there a way to determine what properties are currently stored inside the list by ID?

Thanks in advance,


You’ll want an endpoint that takes that list and constructs the parameters and appends them to the url. If no data exists for the property, you just won’t see the property returned to you. If this is something that is going to be used/called regularly, and if you think that you’ll gove over your monthly limit, you might wanna consider paying for the API limit increase, or maintain a copy of those records in a local DB with a webhook to update the values regularly once you pull the bulk of the information.


Sorry Spencer,

What endpoint is going to return the properties associated with the list? I don’t think data limits are an issue. At most we will return a handful of contacts.




Hubspot doesn’t offer the feature you want out of the box, aka your app that you are building needs to construct urls to call with the end user’s properties appended to it ("&property=x&property=y").

Every method here lets you define what properties get returned when you make that call. If you need to know what properties are available, there is a call for that as well.

Nothing is stopping you from including/excluding properties.

If I am misunderstanding your intent, then I apologize.


Hi Spencer,

Thanks for the response. We have over 500 properties currently stored in Hubspot. As you mentioned, I was hoping for a way to return what properties are associated with the list the end user selects. I can explicitly return properties however, I have no way of knowing what those properties are. I was hoping the app could be dynamic enough not to require a hard coded sub-set of those properties.

Thanks for your time.



As this is a temp solution until we can fully integrate hubspot with sales force I went ahead and limited the scope to only those properties currently required. Thank you for your timely responses. Have a great weekend.