RSS email summary truncate at Read More break


We are creating an RSS email linking to an external WordPress blog feed. I am not sure if Hubspot has the ability to change the length of the post summary for this, but ideally I would like to have it truncate at the Read More break in the post. The HS email seems to display all of the text (if there is text) in the Excerpt field, but I am not sure how to change the amount of text in the summary if there is no Excerpt. Is this something that has to be done in the WP theme itself, or does HS have a way to define where the summary breaks? As I said, ideally we would like the summary to break at the Read More break, but if that is not possible, I'd still like the flexibility of changing the summary length without having to duplicate the post text in the Excerpt field.


Hi @ptrickey, there's a truncate function you can utilize here that can be done in app, but I'm not sure if it works on external blogs. Can you send a link to the RSS email?


This is a link to the RSS email preview:

The RSS feed is:


Hi @ptrickey, after some testing it looks like this isn't possible within the tool. If there's an equivalent of a readmore separator in Wordpress, it wouldn't hurt to try to set that for your blog posts where there isn't any excerpt. Otherwise, we're out of luck in HubSpot it seems


Thanks for trying! For the record, there are read more breaks in all the WordPress posts for that feed, but that is not where they are truncating in the Hubspot email. I tested several other feeds to see if there was any difference in text amount before the read more, but all look about the same amount of text. Probably something built into Hubspot.


No prob! FWIW it looks like when I visit the external feed, the body is just pulling from whatever is inside <description>.

If you can find how Wordpress generates the snippets then there might be a way to edit how many characters get put into the feed. There's just no way to edit it in HubSpot it seems


Ok, good to know. I'll look into that some more.


I just found a plugin that can change the length, although it still does not break it at the Read More break within the post. The plugin is called Advanced Excerpt.