RSS feed not working


I’m trying to add our Hubspot blog pieces to our wordpress site using an RSS plug-in.

Unfortunately both that I have tried aren’t working with our RSS feed ( - they return a blank entry. According to the W3 validator, the RSS feed is valid. I’ve also tested with another RSS feed and it works fine and pulls content through. The strange thing is, when I set it up initially with the first RSS plugin, it worked, but won’t work now in that plugin, or another. :tired_face:


Hi @alexknight99,

If the feed is registering as valid, but isn’t working with the plugin(s) you’re using, I’d recommend contacting the entity that created the plugin. Often, Wordpress plugin authors will have contact forms and/or github repositories where you can create issues.


Thanks @Derek_Gervais

I dropped them a support ticket but it’s a free plugin so support is prob v limited/non existent


I've now tried 3 different RSS reader plugins with Wordpress and all of them say that the feed is invalid or has an error. As far as I can see you can't change anything on the RSS feed that Hubspot generate for you.

Any help really appreciated! Coming to a big dead end trying to get our Hubspot blog content pulled through to Wordpress...I imagined that this might be quite common.



This is the feed validator showing recommendations. Guess these could be breaking any plugin?


Hi @alexknight99,

You're correct that it's not possible to customize the RSS feed. I can try to dig into specific errors that the plugins themselves are showing, but since the feed is valid RSS it's on the developer(s) of the WP plugins to make sure their aggregators are compatible. Do you have any errors from a WP plugin (instead of an RSS validator)?


Hi @Derek_Gervais

Sure - here's a screenshot from the plugin WP RSS Aggregator, which is one of the most popular RSS plugins in Wordpress.


Hi @alexknight99,

I've included a troubleshooting doc below that has some good information. It sounds like it might potentially be related to your server; perhaps some part of your server configuration is out of date? Are your servers behind a firewall that might be inhibiting the connection?