Ruby on Rails developers: What gem do you use?


Dear fellow developers on the forum,

Hi! My team is pretty new to HubSpot, and would like to make the best use of HubSpot's Contacts API to transfer a majority of the user information from our database to HubSpot. I know I can import a csv file to HubSpot as an initial transfer, but after that, we'd like to have monthly updates to HubSpot regarding the users information, for example, billing status, total amount paid to date... etc. without having to manually import csv every month.

Our app was built in Ruby on Rails, so to my fellow Ruby on Rails developers: Do you use an API wrapper? If so, what's a good gem to use? Or, do you go straight to making API calls? And why?

Thank you!


Hi @victorclee, I'm not a Ruby on Rails developer, but I do know that some people elect to use this one:, which I believe is this:

Any other Ruby on Rails developers out there that have more insight, please chip in on this thread! :slight_smile: