Sales reports dashboards


Here’s a quick feedback regarding the sales reports dashboard:

We would like to have access to phone conversation details (for example, the number of calls of each salesman per day, or the number of deals for which contacts have been called versus the ones for which contacts have not been called).
Is there a way to show this?


@fonji With the reporting add-on you can report on Salesmen interactions. You could see calls/day or emails/day, also number of deals worked/day and so on.


Hello pmanca

Thanks for your answer. I work with Fonji
Seems like either we only have access to a light version of the reporting add-on, or we don’t find how to build a report on salesmen interactions. Do you have a video on this?


@phwagner Yep! We have videos on all of our tools at our academy.

Specifically for the reporting add-on here is the link to those videos.