Sales - Stage Id



so I’ve managed to test HubSpot API for creating deals and it works nicely :slight_smile:

But I found an issue where HubSpot team might help me. If I create a custom stage in my sales pipeline I can only see it’s display name but not its internal ID. For using Deals API I need to have its ID or it won’t work.
I’ve looked through the app to find the ID but no luck, only place I can see it is in error message from the API because it lists all possible stages in the pipeline. At some point when we certify our integration component our users won’t be pleased that they need to poke around API’s to find out stage id…

Can you make it possible to access this ID somewhere from the application?



Hi Stjepan,

Have you checked out the Deal Pipelines API? This API is focused specifically on Deal Pipelines and their stages within a particular portal. To read all deal pipelines on a portal you can use the Get All Deal Pipelines endpoint. For each Deal Stage in each Deal Pipeline, you’ll see both a “label” and a “stageId” field.

To read more about deal pipelines and the endpoints available, you can check out the Deal Pipeline Overview.

Hope that helps!



That helps, we can call this API and offer our user a list of all the stages…cool. Thanks