SalesDialers API integration "FAILURE"



""Failed to pushContactToHubSpot Error: Failed to get contact email id"" . I have email info in the lead, yet it wont push through from SalesDialers to Hubspot due to above error.

Aside: Salesdialer helpdesk is asking me for my HS username and login. Me: NO!


Hi @mmoore1865,

Happy to help. To troubleshoot effectively, though, I'll need a bit more information:

  • Your Hub ID
  • The full request URL SalesDialers used (excluding authentication information).
  • The full request body SalesDialers sent.
  • The full error response SalesDialers received.

Also, I'm not familiar with the SalesDialers integration; it's not listed in our Integrations Library. Did they integrate directly using your account's API key?