Salesforce activity changing from inactive users to active users


Hello! Weird Case here... So my company just integrated hubspot and salesforce through the standard integration configuration. This integration concerns:
-companies, contact AND Deals

  • Backstory:
    In salesforce there is lots of activity related to contacts. (calls, email, etc. ) The activities when they are created (normally automatically by the integration with aircall / gmail) they are assigned to the user ( = sales rep of my company) that does the activity. Once this user ( sales rep) leaves my company, what we do is deactivate this user in Salesforce.
  • What is happening:
    Last weekend a weird thing happened... so it seems that the user used for the integration between hubspot and salesforce, has been updating * in salesforce* activities that were belonging to salesforce inactive users to active users ...

I am assuming it is something on the hubspot integration because the user denies that he has done any of this ... and i think its VERY WEIRD

Does anybody know anything that could be happening??
ANYTHING would help, i have no idea where to start investigating


Hi @Paula_Menendez, have you reached out to Support about this issue? If so, please let me know the ticket number so I can connect with them. This is certainly something that they can tackle and can likely do it more quickly and effectively than we can here in the forums. Overall, our areas of expertise are more in our public APIs over the Salesforce integration. I'd say Support is the best place to start, but happy to help however I can if you've already reached out

Hubspot changing opportunities Account in salesforce