Salesforce campaign pick list not visible in form


I am working with a custom coded template and the option to choose a Salesforce Campaign to associate the contact with when they submit the form is not visible, in addition to other options such as Email Notifications and Workflow Enrollment.

Can anyone see what is wrong with my code or help me understand why these options aren't visible?

Here is the form page editor, showing that the Salesforce campaign list is missing, as well as form notifications and workflow enrollment.

Here is the code behind the form module:

<section class="pestroutes-form-section" id="pestroutes-form-section">
  <div class="max-width{% if module.form_only %} form-only{% endif %}">
    {% unless module.form_only %}

    <div class="form-section-content">
      <h2 class="form-section-title">{{ module.form_section_title }}</h2>
      <span class="form-section-copy">{{ module.form_section_copy }}</span>
    {% endunless %}
    <div class="form-section-form-wrap">
      <div class="form-section-form">
      	{% form "form" %}

Appreciate the help. Thanks!


Hi @mmbuckley,

It looks like you're missing some of the relevant configuration options. Check out the form module definition here: