SalesForce - HubSpot Integration Slow



Our company integrated HS and SF using the HS -SF Integration. The SF Opportunity Fields did not sync with HS Deal Properties. That's to be expected, but after mapping SF OFs to custom HS Deal Properties, they are not syncing. Actually, after one day only a few of the custom deal properties contain data and the data is not complete.

Any advice on how to improve this process?




Welcome, @cfulgency!

Have you reached out to HubSpot support on this? They'll actually be able to help you most quickly and effectively regarding Salesforce connector issues.


Thanks. I'll reach out to them.


Hi, @cfulgency. If you haven't resynced records after creating mappings, then nothing will happen until some update is made to a mapped property - either on the deal in HubSpot, or the opportunity in Salesforce. Once that happens, the next poll job should sync all mapped opportunity or deal data to the other system.

To ensure this goes smoothly, make sure the integration user's Salesforce profile has read/write permissions on all fields on opportunities (as well as any other objects the connector talks to).