Salesforce Integration, HubSpot as master



Is it possible to make HubSpot as the master of records using the Salesforce integration? Salesforce should never be able to update data in HubSpot but Hubspot should be able to create and update data in Salesforce. Basically a master slave setup where HubSpot is the master and sync all data to Salesforce.



Hi @MichaelD, our integration with Salesforce doesn't work that way, unfortunately. You can choose fields to do one of the four following things:

  1. Use most recent value, I want the most recent data from either system to populate that field
  2. Use Salesforce value unless blank, if Salesforce already has the data, leave it untouched
  3. Use Salesforce value, I only want Salesforce data to update the HubSpot property
  4. Disabled -- do not update value, data will not pass between these fields


@MichaelD to add on to what Connor mentioned. If you set every field mapping to "Use most recent value" and only make updates in HubSpot, then HubSpot will be the master of records.
How are using Salesforce and HubSpot together? Do you have automation set up in Salesforce that you do not want to override HubSpot data?


If we're really talking about one or two key fields, and your integration user is used exclusively for the HubSpot integration, you can just write a Salesforce workflow rule or Process Builder automation to set the field to PRIORVALUE(field) when a non-integration user updates it. This isn't a great scalable approach, but Flow automation might allow you a little more flexibility in the number of fields manipulated this way. [Edit: Validation rules would also accomplish the same thing, but that may not be a great user experience for this use case.]

This is not a feasible approach if you want HubSpot to be the sole updater of, say, an entire object's schema.



Thanks for all input!

I have discussed this with a specialist in integration at HubSpot and the use case that I describe is not possible to implement with the native HubSpot SFDC integration. To solve this a third party integration is the way forward.