Salesforce updating Hubspot data


This may be the wrong place for this question, but I have yet to see any real documentation on it. Is there capability for when a lead exists in both Hubspot and Salesforce and then is updated in Salesforce, that it would update the lead data in Hubspot? For instance, if someone updated the leads address or phone number in Salesforce, it would then update that info in Hubspot. Thanks.


Hi @jeffrey.higdon

Any changes to fields in Salesforce can be synced back to the HubSpot contact record. The Salesforce fields would need to be mapped to contact properties in HubSpot, and you can find more details about setting up those mappings here:

If you haven’t see the user guide for the connecter yet, I’d recommend taking a look at that as well, since it covers some of the main features of the connector, as well as setup:


Thanks for the response. I have the fields mapped but the issue is, at least I think, the fields in Salesforce are formula fields. Which are read-only. The only option is to “Use Salesforce Value” only. I don’t know if that prevents Salesforce from sending back. I am probably answering my own question though in that it will create a lead in Hubspot that originated in Salesforce. So the formula fields to pass the data to Hubspot. They just don’t when Salesforce is updating the field.


Formula fields can sync a value into a HubSpot property, but due to the nature of how formula fields work, we can’t write data to them (since the value is based on the defined formula), and we can’t detect changes to formula fields themselves, so there would need to be a change to a separate non-formula field that is also syncing with HubSpot, at which point we’d grab the value of the formula field as part of the sync process.


I appreciate the help. For some reason, they still are not syncing. I have a few other fields that I am updating in Salesforce that are not formulas and the lead still is not syncing. I will continue to look into it. Thanks for the help.


We have some general troubleshooting suggestions for sync issues here:

If you’re still having issues syncing those records after taking a look at that doc, I’d recommend contacting our support team.


Thanks for the help. We don’t have any sync issues related to this, I will go ahead and contact support though. One quick question, an inclusion list would not block this would it?