SAP Process Integration and Hubspot Webhook payload


I am in the process of sending off contacts to the SAP Process Integration software to insert into SAP CRM. Anyone have any experience with it?

I am able to have the Hubspot server send a correct payload out to a specified URL that I can parse using a scripting language to see the json data. But my question is what kind of data is sent in the payload as far as the technical term goes. My end goal is to have the Hubspot send the webhook payload directly to the SAP PI system.


Hi @SP_2150,

What type of webhook are you referring to? Are you using the webhook functionality of the workflows tool, or are you using the Webhooks API? The structure of the payload is different between the two platforms. I've included the docs for both below; the payload is detailed in the docs.


Hi @SP_2150

I am also looking similar integration.
Could you please advice if you solved your query and provide some inputs for this integration ?

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Same here - looking for the best way to integrate master and transactional data between hubspot and SAP using PI\HCI