I’m not a developer, but was referred to this community by HubSpot support. I am looking to add Schema markup to my blog posts and was inspired by this technical SEO article:

Would inputting the schema HTML code in the blog post’s html header section be an appropriate place to put this information, or is there another way of doing this>?


HI @Dianna_Leyton,

The information for generally refers to specific types of content embeded in your post so the body is generally the best place for that information. In order to add that, you would want to edit the HTML of the post, which you can do from the HubSpot editor if you looking for the </> symbol.



Thank you, so it would be fine to do that in the source code section for a blog. Do you know how I might be able to tag the name of the blog post and the author using schema, which is not in the body of the post?


We recently solved this for our HubSpot websites. The code uses HubL tokens so all HubSpot Portals can use this with minimal customization.

Schema Template for HubSpot Sites
Copy the code here.