Scribe Online API Permissions Error (EmailCampaign data object)



I'm using Scribe Online and am trying to export data from the EmailCampaign object in HubSpot. I previously had success migrating this data when testing. My client has moved away from using HubSpot as a medium through which marketing emails are sent. I'm trying to migrate this data to a destination to maintain it as legacy information.

Since the removal of the product which allows sending marketing emails, I've been unable to access this data object through the API. I can still export the email data to Excel through the front end of HS. Does the suspension of the ability to send marketing emails also suspend my ability to access the EmailCampaign data object through the API? The user accessing the data has full permissions in HubSpot. See the error message I get below:


Hi @Mormakil, yes - removing the account's access to Email would remove the ability to pull that information via the API. So I can be sure that this is the case, can you reply with the HubID of the account you're trying to get this information from?

The solution here would be to reach out to the account manager to see if they can get granted a trial of that product to allow temporary access to it just until you can get the information you need from it.


@Connor_Barley, thank you for confirming. I got in contact with someone from HubSpot who was able to give us a trial as you suggested. Thank you!


Awesome! great to hear @Mormakil. Just as an aside, we aim to respond to posts in under 2 business days here so if you are a paying customer, Support or account managers should certainly be able to help out, and do it more quickly!