Search a contact by Mobile Phone Number



Is there any way to search a contact by Mobile Phone Number (as mobilephone property)?
We actually search in Phone Number field, but we need to search a contact for this field too.

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HI @howardj,

It’s not currently possible to search for contacts based on Mobile Phone Number. If you’re in-app, you can create a list or filter based on the mobilephone property to find a specific contact(s).


Hi Derek,

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Is there any trick to search a contact by Mobile Phone through the API based on filter or other way?
If we can only searched a contact by Phone Number property through the API, do you plan to implement the contact search with custom property?



Hi @howardj,

Other than using the Get All Contacts endpoint to pull contacts and parse them to find one with a matching mobile phone number, there isn’t a way to search by that property. Search with custom properties is something that we’d like to implement, but it’s not on the road map in the immediate future. I’d recommend checking out the Ideas Forum to post/vote on this as an idea so that the product team can see your use case.


Hi @howardj,

I’m not sure what your end goal is so this may not be helpful to you. We just built the ability to search by phone number and mobile phone number @ We essentially get contact data for incoming and outgoing calls and provide links directly to the hubspot contact to make it easier to add notes etc.

If that’s not what you are looking for let me know and maybe i can help out in another way.



Hi @Derek_Gervais any update regarding that matter? Is it now possible to search by Mobile Phone ?


Hi @HenriChab,

No, this still isn’t possible. I’m not aware of any plans to implement this in the near future, though it’s on the product team’s radar. I would recommend subscribing to the HubSpot Product Updates blog to get notifications whenever new features are released: