Search Console Metadata Duplication | Blog Pagination | ?hsFormKey=


I’m trying to resolve a metadata duplication/pagination issues on our blog.

Or perhaps its about understanding how to resolve for this ?hsFormKey= on our blog?

Can anyone provide a solution?

My previous experience lends me to believe that I need to implement.

link rel=“prev” href=“” /
link rel=“next” href=“” /

But I find no way to access page 2 - page 3 - page 4, etc on our blog through the hubsot template.

Here are 2 screen-captures of what I’m trying to resolve.


@JoeCashman I don’t fully follow what you are trying to do. Are these blogs hosted on HubSpot? Are you trying to pull them out onto another website?


We’re having the same issue and have not found a solution. Hoping someone can help!


Our blog is hosted on HubSpot and we are not trying to pull them out onto another website. Google Webmaster Tools is saying we have duplicate meta descriptions and title tags, which appears to be from pagination issues with the blog. How do we fix it?


Not trying to move anything. The issue is that without the ability to add this type of code:

link rel=“prev” href=“” /
link rel=“next” href=“” /

…to the pages that provide of preview list of blog posts (for example this page that lists blog previews) - we are getting duplicate Meta Data, i.e., all the title and description tags are being read as duplicates.

If you are not familiar with this issue its difficult to explain. But its Not good SEO to have this occur.

I tried to trouble shoot this by calling in Hubspot but they said to come here and ask the developers.


@JoeCashman @kgledhill I have been looking into this with our blog team. I will let you know if I get any concrete answers on why this is happening.


Hey @pmanca! Any updates?


@kgledhill We are still working on this. We went through the documentation by Google again and everything we have done is by the books so we are still looking into a fix for this. Here are the links to a couple of the docs for reference.


Hello! We just noticed that we’re having this issue with the Search Console now as well, and it seems to have popped up within the past month or so. We went from having about a dozen duplicate content issues that had to do with pagination to now ~120 for title tags and meta descriptions.

Any solutions or idea about what might be happening?



@Ernie I’ll reach out to the dev team to see if there is any update on the matter.


Thanks! We’re seeing in the following message in Google Search Console
under Crawl > URL Parameters. However, it’s still registering as duplicate
content under Search Appearance > HTML Improvements. We just wanted to make
sure we’re technically in the clear.


@Ernie we are in the process of doing a larger revamp of all the URL creation for the blogging platform and this issue will be fixed along with that.


That’s great, Peter. Thanks. Any idea what your timeline might be?

I appreciate you looking into this for us!


@Ernie I don’t have a timeline to give out at the moment. The information I received was that this was a known ‘thing’ and that we are in the process of solving for it as part of a larger clean up job.


Do we have any update on this duplicate page titles issue? My Moz SEO tool has found the same issue with duplicate titles (seen here:

Does anyone have a workaround for the moment? We work hard on our blogs and we don’t want to be counted off for something small like this out of our control.

Thanks for your help in advance!


Same question as everyone else...any updates on this?


Same question here, too.


Are there still no updates re: this??


No updates @pmanca? Dupe metadata seems to be hurting our SEO efforts


Any updates. I think this is a serious SEO mater. Wordpress plugins allow us to add a "| 2" "| 3" etc to all pagination like this