Search Console Metadata Duplication | Blog Pagination | ?hsFormKey=


@pmanca we are experiencing this as well. Please provide us with an update on the timeline. Thank you, appreciate your attention!


@pmanca are there any updates about this bug?
SEMRush and Google are marking our Blog as having duplicate metadata and that is not good for us in marketing. Please let me know if this issue will be resolved soon. Thank you!


I'd question the need for author/topic/archive sections to be turned on and indexed in the first place. Many times these pages are taking up crawl budgets and rankings while providing minimal benefit on the user experience side.

Look into whether they help to even have in the first place, especially with the known issues around duplicate meta information.


Has anyone managed to get anywhere with this?

We've encountered the same issue. Spoke to a guy at HubSpot who seemed to think that it was to do with having forms on the pages that were being duplicated but having read this thread, I don't get where he was coming from. The information in here makes more sense.

Alternatively, has anyone found a way of de-indexing these pages from the SERP?


Hello, any update on this?

I also encountered the problem I don't know how url with ?hsFormKey formed or where is it coming from.
I de-indexed them using GSC but I don't this it's the good solution because those kind of url still exist and being crawled.

Hope to find the answer soon. Thanks.