Search contacts by phone number


Hello all,
How do I search contacts using phone number. I see a previous question on the same topic. But there are no replies.


@mathewh Right now the search endpoint only searches the email address, first name and last name fields.

If you wanted to search by a phone number you would have to pull back all of the contacts and parse through them in memory by phone number.


Are there any plans to add search by phone? It would be pretty useful.


@Keith_Muenze This is something that we do look into. The main reason why we don’t have other properties at the moment is we want to ensure a scale-able fast search. If we were to add other properties into the fold it would add weight to the search.


What are you guys using for your search index? Pipedrive enables search by
phone (they treat it as a string) it’s pretty zippy. I believe they are
using elastic search.

Keith Muenze, Founder

Convert More Callers to Customers


@Keith_Muenze We do use Elastic Search and I believe it is used in this instance as well. However at the moment the decision has not been made to add phone number in to the search parameters.


I understand - It would be crazy helpful for hubspot to enable this search
to make automatically tracking sales calls more efficient.

Is there a place to vote up feature suggestions?

Keith Muenze, Founder

Convert More Callers to Customers


@Keith_Muenze Yes!


Hi @pmanca any update regarding that matter?


Hi everybody! The only strategy I found so far to do so is:
==> Edit contact section columns to show phone number property
==> Set a filter for the country of interest
==> Do “Ctrl + F” (“cmd + F” - on mac) and search the phone number on the several pages that display until you find the contact

It is not optimal, but it works. Let me know if the explanation is clear.


Can you please explain how to make a query to get ALL contacts via API?
It seems to me it is limited to 250?


Hey, @lewis4u.

The maximum number of contacts this endpoint will return per call is 100. To get all the contacts in your account, you must use the vid-offset field value in subsequent requests until has-more returns as false. Most people accomplish this with a for loop of some kind.