"Search for a contact by its user token" with user access token?


Hi everybody!
I need to get a contact’s details knowing his Hubspot token: if I’m not mistaken, I’ll need to invoke the method get_contact_by_utk (http://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/contacts/get_contact_by_utk).

The documentation states that I will have to provide an HubSpot API Key (which I do have), but I was wondering: can this method also be invoked with an access token instead of the API key?

Thank you,



Hi @leonardo.scattola

That endpoint works with either an API key using hapikey= or with an access token using access_token= in the URL.

With the exception of the Webhooks API and the Timeline API, any endpoint requiring authentication will work with either authentication method, even if both methods aren’t mentioned on the documentation page.