Search for companies by name



Hi all,

Is it possible to find companies by name instead of by domain or ID? It doesn’t appear to be in the API docs.



@trong At the moment we do not have an endpoint for that.


@pmanca is there any update on this? it’s a pretty obvious use case (search companies by string) so it is quite strange that it is not in the API.

If my use case for an integration is for someone to find the relevant company (and then get contacts and deals), how do you recommend this is done?


@hughstephens The API endpoint you are looking for still does not exist. You would need to pull back all of the companies and store their names in memory for you to then index into on your server.

You can always add your ideas for product improvements to the idea board for our product team to review.


@pmanca surely you can understand that that’s actually a pretty bats**t crazy way of doing it? If I was going to sync the entire companies DB, I may as well build our own system from scratch.

Why can’t HubSpot simply allow use of the existing endpoint available in the web UI to developers when there is a use case that necessitates it? Without that, HubSpot’s utility to our business is severely decreased to be frank.


@hughstephens My apologies if you don’t find our APIs as extensive as you need them to be at this time. I have passed along your idea internally as it is one that comes up from time to time. At the moment there isn’t a publicly available endpoint to search for companies.


Is there a plan to implement this?


This is something we require too. Without the ability to search for a company by name, our integration with this product is going to be limited. For now, we will have to implement the get-all-companies call and iterate through all pages in the result, however, this does seem like a primitive way of doing things.

Can you confirm if this is something you will work on, please?



I really miss this functionality in HubSpot API.
The same problem happens for Deals! With no search by name API.
Please give us a date.


@murta @jason_f1

I don’t have a date at this time to give you on when this will be built out and published.


Concur, this functionality should be a part of the API. The alternative approaches to being able to do this would be to have a synched “list” elsewhere and expensive processes to both customers (dev cost, outlay, etc…) but equally hubspot with likely un-needed chatter via API calls because a search by name didn’t exist in the API.

How are others doing this?


We really need this as well! Thanks.


Wow! Insanity.

We’re currently building an interface via our custom ERP system (previously we handled and stored all company data) as we want tighter integration with marketing and for account managers and sales staff to be able to manage company accounts in one interface.

Not being able to search via a string is mental. Severely limits capabilities.

I mean, you can search via a domain name (very limited use case), but not by a company name. Crazy.

HubSpot isn’t the cheapest tool, so this is pretty critical to our continued use of the product.


I'll go ahead and 16th this. I'm certain Hubspot has some rationale for not exposing both Deals (I just learned that from the post above) and Companies to name search, and I'm guessing it is a business one and not a technology one, but Hubspot really should provide an adequate response here. Why would Hubspot work so hard on their API documentation and support if they are going to cripple the whole thing with this poor decision making?


Adding in a +1 to the comments above. We need a company name search API


What I would like to know, understanding that this has been an issue (based on this thread) for some time, and also understanding that many people have requested this feature (I believe it was passed on internally), are you planning on implementing this?

If not, why not?

If so, while I understand an exact date isn't practical, do you have a rough indication of when an endpoint will be available?

This year? Next year? Never?


There's a lot of pressing matters which have been on the backlog of requests for hubspot for a while now. An example is the allowing users to be assigned to multiple teams.

For this particular issue however, I found it surprising that if you look at zapier, they have been able to do this.

I'm not sure how they perform the search, but if you create a zap and link it to the hubspot CRM, it gives you the option of searching by company name. Maybe they just search through all company records until they find a match?


@pmanca when this enhancement going to be released..??


I want to add an additional vote for this functionality. This is very important for our new integration, and we are going to have to add a new company for every single contact due to this functionality not being available.


Hello, all.

Welcome, @dallashuggins!

While @pmanca and I can and have passed this feedback along internally, the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum is the best place to share feature requests. Our product managers regularly review top voted/commented ideas and try to prioritize ideas which have the most engagement from and greatest potential impact on users.

I previously found this idea, but my upvote in October was the first. If you would like such an API endpoint added, please upvote and comment on the post with your use cases.

I recommend including as much detail as possible per these best practices. The more the product teams understand a feature's use case, the more accurate they will be when scoping the feature.

While there has been quite a bit of engagement on this thread, I don't think the feedback has been as visible to the decision makers on the CRM team as it could have been. That's on us for not moving the discussion over to the Ideas Forum sooner.

Thank you for your understanding. I will close this topic to maximize feedback on this idea.