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Hello, I’m trying to figure out a way to find contacts with a custom property. I’m trying to implement one way sync from our internal system to hubspot. I have a property called ‘internal-account-id’. It appears search only works with name and email.

Am I missing something? Ideas / suggestions welcome.



Can we filter the companies using a custom property

@eblanchette That is correct, Search only works for name/email and phone number. You will have to bring back all of the contacts and parse through them.


Can you write an example according to his request?

Because I do not understand how to stitch this url.


@phpstudyOne Here is a link to the docs. There is an example on there among other things.


Is there any upcoming support for a custom property search? Email, name and company names are mutable.


Not at the moment, no. I will be happy to pass this info along to the product team so they can track the request.


Inability to search for contacts on custom properties seriously makes this CRM stupidly unusable for any use-case that doesn’t rely 100% on email as the unique identifier. Please fix this asap.


nothing personal I really hate this API.


@pmanca, where can we track this request for a custom property search? I know HubSpot is a young CRM, but please tell us this is in the works haha


@john_ascend Right now it isn’t in the immediate future for this feature to be built, much of our focus in early 2018 will be around the services product we announced back in September.

Here is a link for our current Ideas as well:


The solution may not be convenient if the number of contacts is fairly big


basically this renders all marketing that relates to other social media platforms useless.

I.e facebook, wechat, etc. You'll basically need to create dummy email addresses for each user creating double the number of contacts.

e.g get email: -> strip to get ID to use in API

where as if this was actually usable with custom properties, it would be -> find user with facebook_id -> use in API


Not being able to perform an api search on custom properties is really limiting what we can do with your platform. Please add this functionality. Thanks.


This is definitely something we need. I hope this functionality gets added soon.


Hi all,

While @pmanca and I can and have passed this feedback along internally, the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum is the best place to share feature requests. The product teams regularly monitor posts and generally prioritize ideas which have the most engagement from and greatest potential impact on users. Indeed, custom property search is currently available in the HubSpot app because of user feedback on this post.

I found this idea, but my upvote today was the first. If you would like such an API endpoint added, please upvote and comment on the post.

I recommend including as much detail as possible per these best practices. The more the product teams understand a feature's use case, the more accurate they will be when scoping the feature.

Thank you for your understanding. I will close this topic to maximize feedback on this idea.


Search for companies by name