Searching for Contact by Custom Field


I am trying to integrate some data from another system with HubSpot.
Contacts will have the serial number of the product they own added as a custom property to their contact.
The other system only knows the serial number of the unit, and will be providing statistical data by serial to update some other custom properties for the contact (so we know how much contact is using their unit)

I can't seem to find out if I can / how to query a contact ID based on the serial number (or other arbitrary property). Can this be done? If so how? I can see that I can search by email, name etc but not how to search by an arbitrary field.

I'm certainly open to alternate ways of doing this aswell. Ideally I'd create a custom table of data tied to the serial number, and have some way inside hubspot to connect the two, but I couldn't see a system that made sense to do that.

Thanks so much for your help


im having the same issue. Thought i could search on a custom property but not possible. Then i thought i could get all contacts then loop through those checking that specific property but the get all contact api only limits results to 100. So effectively there is no access to the entire database via an API unless you using hubspot fields being name,surname, company name and email


Same here.

I'm trying to synchronize our clients between our website and Hubspot, and I thought I would be able to add a kind of website_id custom field to Hubspot Company objects and then use this field to fetch the matching Company via the API, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible — which means I'll probably have to add a crm_id field to my local objects instead... :disappointed:

Any Hubspot employee reading this? Is this feature planned, as far as you can tell? :slight_smile: