Secondly API limits


We're a HubSpot Enterprise customer and are running into the Secondly API limits issue.

HubSpot is the only enterprise-level CRM I've seen that has a second-based limit.

We can have hundreds of users on our website at a time and they're constantly updating their account.

I'm having a hard time understanding this limitation and why it even in place for customers of your Enterprise plan. I'm sure there are major corporations using this and the 10/second limitation seems like it would be a dealbreaker.

Is there any option besides throttling the API requests?


Hi @tapcart,

Our 10/s limit is for the purposes of keeping our services available and responsive to all customers, so it is not a movable limit. Can you give me some information on why you're looking to make API calls so frequently? It's possible there are other APIs you could use to meet the same needs while using fewer API calls.


Hi Derek,

We have a platform where users can create and customize a mobile app. We anticipate hundreds or thousands of users being on at once, making changes to their app.

In addition, since HubSpot doesn't support recurring revenue (which is unreal to me) I have to use a separate BI dashboard such as Grow. If we use Drift for chat we'll be sending API calls from our database, website, Drift, Grow and who knows how many other tools we'll want to integrate in the future.

These limits makes it hard for me to realize how large companies are using this.

We need HubSpot to be the primary source of truth for our company, and in my opinion that needs to be in real-time. So please let me know if there's something I'm missing here.


Hi @tapcart,

I totally get the use case you're describing, but I'm still not sure which specific APIs you're using. Strategies like batching updates and subscribing to webhooks can help mitigate your risk of hitting the secondly limit. Additionally, the limits are per-portal, so the requests your app would be making only needs to be under 10 per second per portal.

Can you give me your App ID so that I can take a look at your current usage? I'd be happy to dig in and discuss specifics.