See number of times a user has completed an event



First post here. Have been looking for an answer in the other topics but nothing as of yet.

I have some trackEvent setup using the Javascript API which is working correctly. When a particular element on the page is clicked by a user an entry is added to their timeline.

I'm looking to find out the total number of times a user has completed an event in order to identify particular user activity, for example: Which videos they view the most or how many times they have opened a drop-down/modal. The end goal would be to show this on a graph via the Reports section of Hubspot. Currently, the only way is the count this manually.

I currently cannot see a way to do this via the Javascript API so is there another route I can take here?


Hi @HGomez, right now the Events API only tracks numbers of events completed specific to the individual event, or the total number of events specific to the contact. You may want to try segmenting contacts based off of a couple different filters. You can use "completed event X" AND "number of event completions is greater than Y", though the number of event completions is an aggregate of all events in your portal so that number isn't an accurate number. I can definitely see how it would be a very useful functionality and would highly suggest you post in the Ideas Forum:

I can also advocate on your behalf internally which would be great to get two angles.


Thanks Connor.

We've looked into creating list as you suggested to try and identify users but it doesn't quite get what we want, however I do understand this is a current limitation of the API so I'm posting in the ideas forum.