Seeing many entries in API feed for one send, and no events

  1. Why is a single deployment separated into many items in the API (with multiple email IDs)? 41951220,41948376,41951447,41951448,41951452,41951210,41951216,41951212,41951219,41951445,41951211,41951215,41951450,41951453

  2. Why for some emails, such as those in question 1, are we not seeing them in the email events API call?

I have samples, but cannot post to the public forum.

Shall I use groupId or id as the campaign Id for my Email event api call

Hi @fyradigital,

What you’re seeing here is the unique campaignId for each ‘hourly’ send of the ‘Smart Send’ email that was sent in HubSpot. To learn more about smart sending, you can see this Knowledge article:

Essentially, this feature takes your entire list and splits it into the known timezone so that each recipient receives it at the same hour of their local time. In this circumstance, there is a master group id, also called an ‘emailCampaignGroupId’ in the API. Each hourly send has a unique campaignId so that HubSpot knows which grouping that particular contact was a part of. They then all relate back to the ‘group’ id. You’ll know a certain campaign will have this because the ‘app’ is ‘LocalTimeBatch’

For your particular campaign, the campaign group id was 41948376. You can see this either within the app on the email details page under ‘Internal HubSpot Id’, or, when you’re getting individual events via /email/public/v1/events

Here’s an example event that shows the unique campaignID for the ‘hour’, you’ll find the group id under ‘emailCampaignGroupId’

“hasMore”: true,

"events": [
"appName": "LocalTimeBatch",
"emailCampaignId": 41951453,
"emailCampaignGroupId": 41948376




Thanks for the reply, I have handled the duplicates part, but now when trying to get the OPEN and CLICK events it runs with no end (continuous offset) whereas normal emails work as desired. Is groupId the correct variable here?{REDACTED}&eventType=OPEN&limit=1000&offset={REDACTED}


OK it seems like the system is ignoring groupId and returning ALL events for everything we ever sent.

So, how do I get totals for the group as a total or the individual sends for Smart Sends.

Also, A/B testing emails are not returning events either. What parameters do I sent to the email events API for that?


hi @fyradigital,

Instead of combining and using the groupId key and value, try using the value of groupId as the normal campaignId:[key]&campaignId=[id]&appId=[appid]

The group ID relates all of the separate entities, but also acts as a roll up, so all of the events for the entire mail should be under that id, then they get split out to the ‘component’ ids.

A/B emails work similarly, that there is a campaignID that should get you all of the events, and then separate IDs that will show you the events from send ‘A’ and from send ‘B’. The appID will show you what type of email it was.


Hello, can we DM or chat via email? I am trying this for #34982445 and not getting any results.


Hi @fyradigital - apologies for the slow reply - yes, you can send me a DM with any code samples/requests and a description of what you’re expecting to see and I can take a look.