Segement Integration


Hi we are using the hubspot segment integration to pull data in for our product into hubspot for nurture. For most of the leads we are getting the data to come in, however there are a few hundred that are not populating.

Our dev team is wondering why this is happening as well, their response was:

hmm…not really sure why that would be…unless hubspot doesn’t update after the first identify call ? Our apps (dev app, view, dashboard, etc) all identify a user to track a session but don’t report data “owned” by the api such as plan, signup date, etc. I know intercom allows you to continually re-identify a user to update the properties…I would hope hubspot would do the same…otherwise how would you ever identify someone as having updated plans?

Can someone help confirm hubspot does update after the first identify call from segment, and moving forward. We need to narrow down why this is happening


Hey did you ever find a solution for this? @stochsionic


I have not yet, I have been told that it should continually re-identify as long as the email address used is the same


We solve this using with all user sessions visible in one place that you can drill down exact product usage and pull that into smart lists for Hubspot. Could potentially do what you’re looking for and more if you want to check it out. @stochsionic