Segment API not updating in Hubspot


We are sending custom events to HubSpot using the Segment API.
During the trial, the API was working perfectly and events were showing up and getting assigned to contacts so we could use them in workflows.

However, the events got completely wiped out when we moved from trial to enterprise plan.
Now, working with our Client Implementation manager, I have all the custom events restored but they are not getting associated to any contact.
Also, we activated a new source in Segment to send events to HubSpot, that’s not showing up as well.

I can see the events coming in the activity log of any particular event.

The problem is now 2:
a. existing events are not getting associated to any contacts
b. new events are not showing up

Any help?



Hi @kaustav,

Can you send me a link to an event that should be associated with a particular contact, as well as a link to that contact? I’d be happy to take a look at them.



We’ve been able to solve this problem using Hull and have a unified location to see all of this data from Hubspot and any of your other tools. I could put you in contact with them if this is an issue for you.


Hi Derek

Event Name: Investment Intended
Event Link:
Associated Contact:

Currently I see 0 contacts associated.
Same is for vast majority of other events.



Hi @kaustav,

I can see that there are no contacts created as a result of completing that event, but there appear to be a number of contacts that have completed that event; I’ve created a smart list of these contacts here:
Are you expecting this contact to appear as created by the event?


Hi Derek,
Thanks a lot for that.
I am expecting that when an event is created, it be associated with a contact whose email I am passing in the call.
Almost 95% of my event are from logged in users, so there is always an associated email.
If the email is not present, then add contact to CRM, if the email is present then associate the event with the contact.

So that when i set up an workflow based on this event, I am able to pull all the impacted contacts.
I want the event association to contact happen automatically.

Is there some setting that needs to be enabled?



Hi @kaustav,

I’m not sure I’m following. The contacts in that list all have one or more ‘Investment Intended’ events associated with them. Filters based on that event (in lists, workflows, etc.) will apply to these contacts. This association happened automatically, since you included the contact’s email when creating the event. The list I linked to wasn’t a manually association of the events, but rather a demonstration of the fact that the events were automatically associated with the contact.


Aaah I see what you mean. I got confused that the list I see when I look at Reports --> Events the completions column increments but the contacts column has zero. I guess the contacts are getting created in the first event that passes the email that is not in the CRM. I can use the smart lists to validate workflow filter logics.

I have one last question - I have connected a Python Server Side source to HubSpot and the events from the Python server side source are not showing up in the list of events in HubSpot.

Is it something that is supported? We are passing the email traits from the server side source.



Hi @kaustav,

I can’t really speak to that possibility as it relates to, since they support/maintain the integration with HubSpot. I can say that in order to track events server-side, the HTTP Events API would need to be used (since the JavaScript Events API only functions on a page with the HubSpot tracking code):