Segment events not populating on user profiles


Seeing if anyone else is running into this issue…

We’re passing contact update + creation information through our Segment identify calls (which works fine), but the issue for our team is that we’re not able to see the events triggering on these clients in Hubspot. We added a to the track events to see if that would help connect the event to the users, but had no luck there. Anyone have suggestions on what could be done to connect the user to the event being triggered so we’re able to base campaigns off of our Segment events being sent to Hubspot?



Hi @Lucas_Saba ,

Are you calling page after identify? According to the Segment docs, traits are attached to and passed along with your next Segment page event:


It actually looks like events have started populating by adding the context.traits to the track events, but it’s selective. Still trying to figure that part out.

As for calling page after identify calls—our team would do that, but based on how we’re architected our events, they all fire on behalf of our clients profiles with proxy users (since multiple types of internal users can fire events on behalf of the client and we know what user role performed that event)… and I can’t think of a way that would work if we ended up using page calls.


Hi @Lucas_Saba,

I’m not particularly versed in the technical details of Segment’s methods, so it might be best to reach out to them for specific technical questions. From the HubSpot side, you’ll need to make sure that an email address is included in every event and that some form of page tracking event occurs to ‘push’ the data into HubSpot.