Segment Hubspot Integration - Not all data are sent to hubspot



Hi Hubspot community..

Our team is having difficulties getting all data from Segment to Hubspot.

Through our platform, we are keep tracking of events and various details (First and Last name, Phone)

Yet not all information are being passed through to hubspot. On some days, we will have a normal flow where a user created on our platform, will have these events and fields populated. On some days, the first and last name are omitted on hubspot. On some days, phone is not being populated on hubspot. It is making our workflow really difficult as these are crucial data for us to reach our leads.

The data is flowing correctly from segment to other servers, just facing a lot of issues here with Hubspot. I have checked our api limits, and can confirm that we did not pass the limits.

I have also read other forum threads, but there was no conclusion regarding this issue. Any help will be appreciated.



Hi @Ray_Lim,

These types of issues are difficult to troubleshoot; the Segment integration uses our APIs, but without information on the APIs being used / requests being made to HubSpot, there's not much I can do. The best strategy is to reach out to Segment support with the details of these failures so that they can do troubleshooting on their end. If the issue is with the HubSpot API, they'll be able to give the information that I would need to dig in on my end.

Happy to continue digging in with more specific information regarding these failures. Feel free to update this topic with any information you get regarding these errors in relation to the HubSpot APIs!