Segment to Salesforce and HubSpot Forms AP!




We currently don't have any HubSpot forms or forms connected to HubSpot via the Forms API on our website. We currently have Segment installed on our website, which creates leads in Salesforce when a lead/contact submits a form on the website.

If we were to connect that same form to a HubSpot form via the Forms API, but didn't remove the Segment integration or Salesforce lead creation. Would there be a new lead created in both systems (HubSpot & Salesforce)? Would the sync handle matching them, or would duplicates be created in one system or the other?



Hi @Appy_A,

The following Knowledge Base article has some details on how the HubSpot / Salesforce connector handle duplicate records. The exact behavior in these scenarios depends on the timing and order of the record creations, whether or not you have an inclusion list, and your sync settings. I'd recommend reaching out to Support to discuss issues related to the HubSpot / Salesforce connector; you can reach them by clicking the 'Help' widget in your portal or calling 1 888-482-7768 x3.


Hi Derek,

Thank you for your reply this is helpful!