Send a email copy with hubspot form



Hello, I made a form with hbspt.forms.create function.
I need to send a copy of message to email in the form.
someone has a solution ??



Hi, @Francescoo.

To clarify, do you wish to send an email with the submission data to the person who completed the form?

If so, you will need access to HubSpot workflows, which comes with Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise. If you're not sure whether you have this tool, please share your Hub ID.

If you would like in-depth assistance in setting up such a workflow, I recommend reaching out to HubSpot support. They can help you 24/7 over the phone, email, and chat, depending on your location.


Hi @Isaac_Takushi,
thank you very much.
Another solution with code ???


Hi @Francescoo,

Sorry, I forgot to include that in my last response.

The only way you would be able to accomplish this via a HubSpot API is with the Transactional Email API. This requires the special transactional email add-on, though.

There is no other programmatic way to send these email copies with a HubSpot API.