Send Custom HTTP Headers using Webhooks


Hi folks, I need to send custom HTTP headers to a third party app when a Webhook gets called. Is there any way that this could be achieved similar to this PERL snippet ?

my $objHeader = HTTP::Headers->new;
$objHeader->push_header(‘Authorization’ => “NLAuth nlauth_account=$account, nlauth_email=$email, nlauth_signature=$password, nlauth_role=$role”);
$objHeader->push_header(‘Content-Type’ => ‘application/json’);



Hi @vasoov

This may be something we look at adding support for in the future, but at the moment there is not a way to add a custom header to the webhook requests.


Any update on implementing custom headers for webhooks?


I have the same issue trying to integrate with AWS API Gateway. AWS won't allow API-keys sent in a querystring and HubSpot doesn't allow headers to bet set on the webhook so stuck in the middle with no options. Both should be allowed/configurable imo but on HubSpots end it might be as "easy" as adopting what curl does. Below is a curl request to a URL but the "--header" option is allowing a header to be set in the request.

curl --header "x-api-key: 123"


HI @tburger,

There hasn't been any update on this front, but just to make sure I can appropriately route the feedback, are you referring to the Webhooks API or the Webhook workflow action?


Webhooks API. Not to sell the feature or use-case, but webhooks are the only real-time connection point from HubSpot. It is currently very limited and makes suggesting or selecting HubSpot as a core CRM that might have integration needs difficult.

Thanks for looking into this and hopefully there is a short term solution that would be a win - win for both HubSpot and customers.


I'm guessing this is not available for the Webhook workflow action as well - which is what I was looking into.