Send data from External CMS to populate a Hubspot web page


We currently have a marketing website build within Hubspot with various pages ("About", "Prices & Coverage", "Contact" etc).

We are building an in house cms and we would like to know if we can attach data from our internal CMS and have it populate new pages with our Hubspot site.
The idea is to dynamically create content externally and display it with our Hubspot marketing site. Is this possible and how would I go about doing this. I'm looking at something like providing an API to attach to our Hubspot site and display content then.

Thanks very much


Hi @dicefile,

Are you trying to build the pages in your external CMS and then 'import' them to HubSpot, so that they're live pages hosted on HubSpot? Or are you looking to pull content from this external CMS into existing HubSpot pages via AJAX? If you're looking for an API to create/publish these pages in HubSpot, you'll want to check out the relevant CMS APIs:


Hi @Derek_Gervais
Thanks for replying
Yes, basically we create the API display the content within our existing site as it's own page(s).

But if you have information on both methods you outlined that would be great.
(Is it those two links?)

Thanks again


Hi @dicefile,

Yes, if you're using the content to create entire pages, you'd use the methods I linked to above.