Send data from HubSpot form to another application



The work flow we are looking to solve is using a HubSpot form UI to capture data for HubSpot, but also pass this data to another application for external use. Is this supported via the forms API? Or any other means?

Looking at the API documentation, I see references to sending data into HubSpot:

The forms API’s principle method is the submit form method, which allows you to pass any information captured on your website or application to HubSpot, including any custom data

We are looking to do the opposite: Capture information via a HubSpot form, then pass it to our website.

Is this possible?

Thank you!

Hubspot data to another application

Hi @Chris_Schroeder

You could get the data for a contact that filled out a form using webhooks, inside a workflow. You would create a workflow that was triggered by the form submission, then have a webhook action in that workflow. The webhook would POST the data for the contact that triggered the workflow (by filling out the form) to your separate application.

You can find more information about workflows and webhooks here:

How to post form data to external websites

Perfect - this is exactly what I was looking for - thank you!