Send single email with CC/BCC


hi guys,

I am using this API to send emails:

I want to send to someone and include CC contacts, how can i acheive that?

it is very critical for us, and i saw your post here

however, i saw here there is a solution:
s.sendmail("", [“”, ""], msg)

can you please elaborate?


Hi @adi,

You’re right that there’s a discrepancy here. The knowledge base article you linked to is documenting our standard Marketing Product and is correct you cannot Cc email addresses there. For the transactional add-on you can definitely Cc people using the SMTP API, and the Single Send API supports Cc addresses but doesn’t document it.

Or hasn’t. Until now. Please visit and look for the newly documented fields which support Cc and Bcc.




it seems working however for some reason it duplicates the cc.

for example:

is it an open bug you have?